Lightwire: Student Internet access

The University is moving to a new outsourced Internet subscription service for enrolled students in 2011. Lightwire has been contracted to provide Internet services to students on the Hamilton campus, within the halls of residence and via wireless. In addition, students will be able to access their Lightwire accounts in the Hamilton CBD, Wintec campuses, and a number of other student housing complexes around the city. In the future, Waikato students located at the Tauranga campus will also receive their Internet access through Lightwire.

Now students will receive 1GB of Internet access per month automatically.  Access to additional bandwidth after the monthly cap has been exceeded can be purchased via Lightwire’s online top up system.

Education students can get assistance accessing their Lightwire accounts and connecting their wifi capable smartphone, handheld device or laptop by visiting the Faculty’s Laptop Support Office located in TT.1.16. Alternatively, look for Lightwire staff at their promotional stand near the Shops during O-Week (Feb 28th – March 4th)

The Lightwire service is a substantial upgrade on what the University previously provided to students. For more information or a full list of places where Lightwire service is available in Hamilton, contact them on 0800 12 13 14.

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2 thoughts on “Lightwire: Student Internet access”

  1. This is fantastic news!

    I am interested as to what lectures and tutorials might look like now that potentially every student – or at least every second student will have access to the web during every class. There is the potential for some really innovative teaching practice and for modeling the inquiry learning process.

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