English Teaching: Practice and Critique

Volume 13, Number 2 (September 2014): Focus: An Arts-led English and literacy curriculum

Co-editors: Robyn Ann Ewing (University of Sydney, Australia) and Carole Miller (Faculty of Education, University of Victoria) and Terry Locke (University of Waikato, New Zealand)


The Arts are an immensely rewarding part of human knowing and being. They enrich our imaginations and aesthetic knowledge. They enable the translation and creative expression of ideas, concepts and emotions. In addition, there is a growing realisation that quality arts processes and experiences have the potential to transform traditional and often out-dated approaches to curriculum and learning.
This issue of the journal includes contributions that focus particularly on research that considers the development of students’ imaginations and learning in the English classroom. It offers ways in which students can learn about, in, with and through the Arts. It explores how meaning-making through and in the Arts can transform learning in English and literacy curriculums. Authors have considered links between the Arts and the enjoyment of English; the impact of arts processes and experiences on students’ literacy learning and their development of deep understandings of image and text on their creativity and learning. Such opportunities encourage students to interrogate any text to understand more about who they are or might be and see new potential or possibilities in themselves and their communities.

The Editorial Board expresses its gratitude to the the guest editors of this issue and also to the following (some are members of the Review Board) who have helped with the review process: Michael Anderson (University of Sydney), Victoria Campbell (University of Sydney), Viv Aitken (University of Waikato), Brian Edmiston (The Ohio State University), James Nahachewsky (University of Victoria), Kelly Freebody (University of Sydney), Kathleen Rushton (University of Sydney), Jackie Manuel (University of Sydney), Peter O’Connor (University of Auckland), Janinka Greenwood (Queensland of Canturbury), Sylvia Panteleo (University of Victoria), Gloria Latham (University of Sydney), Joanne O’Mara (Deakin University), Jon Callow (University of Sydney), Beryl Exley (Queensland University of Technology).

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