English Teaching: Practice and Critique

Volume 12, Number 3 (December 2013): Focus: Non-themed issue

Co-editors: Debra Myhill (Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter) and Eileen Honan (University of Queensland, Australia)


The eight papers in this issue contribute to an understanding of collective rather than site-specific understandings of the English teacher. “Taking the pulse” of this teacher, finding out what makes her “tick” through reading across these manuscripts, it is clear that first, the teacher is global, second, the teacher is a teacher of English, and third, that the teacher is concerned with helping her students understand how English lives, and how the study of the language, literature, and literacy practices of English can contribute to our understanding of how our world works, regardless of the site in which the study of English occurs.

The Editorial Board expresses its gratitude to the the guest editors of this issue and also to the following (some are members of the Review Board) who have helped with the review process: Graham Parr (Monash University); Jacqui Dornbrack (University of Cape town); David Bright (University of Queensland); Karen Moni (University of Queensland); Jo O'Mara (Deakin University); Louise Phillips (University of Queensland);Kate Pahl (University of Sheffield); Robyn Henderson (University of Southern Queensland); Simone Smala (University of Queensland); Judy Parr (University of Auckland); Clare Kosnik (University of Toronto); Terry Locke (University of Waikato)

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