English Teaching: Practice and Critique

List issues

VolumeNumberDate Title
13 3December 2014English as identity formation
13 2September 2014An Arts-led English and literacy curriculum
13 1May 2014English curriculum in the current moment: Tensions between policy and professionalism.
12 3December 2013Non-themed issue
12 2September 2013English(es) and the sense of place: Linguistic and literary landscapes
12 1May 2013Ars poetica and the 21st-century English/literacy classroom
11 4December 2012The professional content knowledge of the English/literacy teacher: Addressing the implications of diversity
11 3September 2012How the content knowledge of English/literacy teachers is being constructed by standards and standardized tests.
11 2July 2012Research methodologies as framing the study of English/literacy teaching and learning (Part 2)
11 1May 2012Research methodologies as framing the study of English/literacy teaching and learning
10 4December 2011Non-themed issue
10 3September 2011Literacy(ies) and the Body
10 2July 2011Special Issue: Culturally Responsive Research and Pedagogy
10 1May 2011Critical literacy revisited: Writing as critique
9 3December 2010Non-themed issue
9 2September 2010Douglas Barnes revisited: If learning floats on a sea of talk, what kind of talk? And what kind of learning?
9 1May 2010English as mediated literacy: Revisiting mode and medium
8 3December 2009English afloat on a digital sea
8 2September 2009Subject English in bilingual and multilingual settings: Embracing the linguistic Other
8 1May 2009Is there a divide between English and the communities it serves?
7 3December 2008English/literacy as (re)constructed by assessment practice
7 2September 2008Recognising diversity and difference: Challenges for English/literacy
7 1May 2008Lines of force: Policy, identity and English as a mode of resistance
6 3December 2007What counts as research in English/literacy education?
6 2September 2007The construction of academic literacy and difference
6 1May 2007Composition in the English/literacy classroom
5 3December 2006English (literature) and gender
5 2September 2006Reclaiming the 'creative' in the English/literacy classroom
5 1May 2006Knowledge about language in the English/literacy classroom (Part 2)
4 3December 2005Knowledge about language in the English/literacy classroom
4 2September 2005English teachers as researchers
4 1May 2005English and the visual
3 3December 2004Conditions of work in the English/Language Arts classroom
3 2September 2004Reclaiming the professional development agenda in an age of compliance
3 1May 2004The challenge of teaching English in a multilingual or monolingual context
2 3December 2003Pre-service English education and the beginning teacher
2 2September 2003Textual Diversity
2 1May 2003Beginning to Teach: Experience, Reflections, and Critique
1 1November 2002