English Teaching: Practice and Critique

Review Board


The review board for English Teaching: Practice and Critique listed below relates to its last year as a WMIER journal based the University of Waikato. To check out the current Review Board, click on the link.


Wendy Morgan (Queensland University of Technology)
Kristina Love (Melbourne)
Margaret Gill (Monash)
Bill Green (Charles Sturt)
Ian Reid (Curtin University of Technology)
Wayne Sawyer (Western Sydney)
Helen Nixon (South Australia)
Catherine Beavis (Deakin)
Joanne O'Mara (Deakin)
Jackie Manuel (Sydney)
Robyn Ewing (Sydney)
Alex Kostogriz (Monash)
Eileen Honan (University of Queensland)


Richard Andrews (York)
Sue Brindley (Cambridge)
Janet Soler (Open University)
Hilary Burgess (Open University)
Julia Davies (Sheffield)
Mary Bousted (Association of Teachers and Lecturers)
Carol Fuller (Reading)

New Zealand

Nicola Daly (University of Waikato)
Judy Hunter (University of Waikato)
Pat Strauss (Auckland University of Technology)

Muhammad Kamarul Kabilan (Universiti Sains Malaysia)

South Africa
Patricia Shariff (University of Witwatersrand)
Jacqui Dornbrack (University of Capetown)
Yvonne Reed (University of Witwatersrand)
Laura Dison (University of Witwatersrand)


Peter Smagorinsky (University of Georgia)
Donna Alvermann (University of Georgia)
Louann Reid (Colorado State)
Amanda Thein (University of Iowa)
Amanda Godley (University of Pittsburg)
Lesley Rex (University of Michigan)
Brian Edmiston (Iowa State University)
Bob Fecho (University of Georgia)
Stephanie Jones (University of Georgia)


Linda Laidlaw (Alberta)


Jenny Allan (Strathclyde)