English Teaching: Practice and Critique

Changing English? The impact of technology and policy on a school subject in the 21st century

Volume 8 Number 3 December 2009

Carey Jewitt (Institute of Education, University of London)

Jeff Bezemer (Imperial College London)

Gunther Kress (School of Culture, Language and Communication, University of London)

This paper offers a historically comparative picture of the latest
of waves of policy and technological changes that have occurred between
2000-2006 and discusses their impact on the practices of secondary school
English in the UK. It draws on data from two previous research projects1 to
explore significant moments of micro-interaction in a classroom that can be
framed and integrated in the broader macro social and policy contexts of the
production of school English. Specifically the paper offers a comparison of
two distinct “moments” — 2000, when the first data set was collected, and
2006 with a focus on the impact of technological and policy change for